Web Site Updates

November 2020

  • Added some thoughts on modifying and making the Slogger Plus 2 to the Acorn Revival 2019 page.
  • Fixed a bug in the Raspberry Pi Midi Controller program where selecting C5 for the bottom keyboard and pressing/releasing key G5S played the wrong note continuously - now plays the correct note and stops when key is released.I've updated the listing in the zip file.
  • Completed ROM cartridge with User Port, added to the Acorn Revival 2019 page.
  • ROM cartridge with User Port just about complete, added Circuit Diagram to the Acorn Revival 2019 page.
  • Added case designs for E2P512KUP and ROM Cartridge with UP to the Acorn Revival 2019 page.
  • A second Processor version of Elite has been released for E2P, added photos to the Acorn Revival 2019 page.
  • Added photos of my now ageing Pi-Top v1, added to the Raspberry Pi page.
  • Added the results of trying out a 65C816 module in the 512K E2P, added to the Acorn Revival 2019 page.
  • Added the new Raaspberry Pi 400, added to the Raspberry Pi page.
  • Added a couple of photos of the Electron showing the final setup of the sequencer hardware, Electron/Plus 1, a Slogger Pegasus Disc Interface and 512K E2P, added to the Electron Sequencer page.
  • New project, ROM cartridge with User Port, added to the Acorn Revival 2019 page.
  • Continuing and completing the build of the USB power distribution for my Gotek drives, added to the Acorn Revival 2019 page.

October 2020

  • Added the new 512K E2P board assembly to the Acorn Revival 2019 pages.
  • Added my assembly of the RGBtoHDMi converter to the Acorn Revival 2019 pages.
  • Started on a design for USB power distribution for Gotek drives, added to the Acorn Revival 2019 pages.
  • Added a case for the 512K E2P to the Acorn Revival 2019 pages.

September 2020

  • New, new meter added to Old Meters page - Lomvum T28B, I suppose it'll be considered old in a few months!.
  • Added a section on Monitors to the Acorn Revival 2019 pages.
  • Updated the details on the E2P second processor with User Port - Board layout complete, to the Acorn Revival 2019 pages.
  • Added a photos of a case for the Slogger Pegasus 400 Disc Interface to the Acorn Revival 2019 pages.

August 2020

  • Added a PCB design for the Slogger Pegasus 400 Disc Interface to the Acorn Revival 2019 pages.
  • Added the completed RPi internal co-processer Acorn Revival 2019 pages.
  • Added the beginnings of a RPi internal co-processer Acorn Revival 2019 pages.
  • Added the start of a new PCB combining the E2P and the User Ports onto one board to both the Electron Sequencer and the Acorn Revival 2019 pages.
  • Added capacitor value to MRB/Plus 1 mode in MRB Installation Manual.
  • I bought an Issue 2 Electron and started to expand it. Added to the Acorn Revival 2019 page.
  • Added photos, manuals and Disc Utils for the BBC B+ Sideways RAM Daughter Board to the BBCB/B+ page.
  • Updated the archived Amiga pages to create a single Commodore page for the Amiga 500, 500 Plus, 600, 1200 and VIC20.

July 2020

  • Added some Sinclair QL photos.
  • Added a section on a prototype Battery Backed RAM Module on the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Added a photo of the GEC905 Ferrite Core Store to the GEC905 Paper Tape emulator page.
  • Updated the Home Page. By introducing an Archive section I have reduced the number of index entries down the left hand side of the page hopefully making it fit without a lot of scrolling. I didn't want to just delete some of the older pages so I created an archive page to store them.
  • Updated the Elk Sequencer Software to v1.05 and put a downloadable disc on the page.
  • Updated the Elk Sequencer page with the updated interface module v1.1 and shared project on EasyEDA.
  • Added the TI Silent 700 (703/709) Quick Reference Guide the ScR TD page.
  • Added the Marconi RB2 Trackerball 20 Pin connector Pinout to the Acorn Revival page.
  • Updated the Electron Revival page with my short DFS Utils program.
  • Updated the Elk Sequencer page with notes on using Julian Iletts remake of the E&MM Syntom..
  • Updated the Elk Sequencer page with V1.04 of the software.

June 2020

  • Introduced v1.1 of the Elk Sequencer interface board.
  • Changed how tempo and triggers are handled in the Elk Sequencer program.
  • Added a Play Live function to the Elk Sequencer program.
  • Added the E&MM Synbal, Synclap and Syntom II to the projects page.
  • Added a Step edit function to the Elk Sequencer program.
  • Added some progress on the Elk Sequencer Module, the module build.
  • Raspberry Pi desktop now upgraded to a Pi4 8Gb.
  • Added photos of the first sequencer interface board under test to the Electron Sequencer software.
  • Added the variable Tempo function to the Electron Sequencer software.
  • Designed a new interface for the Electron Sequencer so it can trigger my modular synth with Gate and CV.
  • Removed my last Odroid from the SETI/einstein stack. The C2 is now bygonebytes.
  • Launched my new mini site - worklife bygonebytes. A lot of old kit I had a hand in designing and building (it was a team effort) from 1979 to 1996.

May 2020

  • Found a couple of photos of my enlarger timer so added them to the projects page.
  • Added photo of the Elk Sequencer Interface to the Acorn Electron Sequencer page.
  • Cleaned up the Marconi RB2 Trackerball and a worked out the pin connections - Added to the Acorn Revival page.
  • Many updates for the sequencer software added to the Acorn Electron Sequencer page - still progressing.

April 2020

  • The start of the software writing with my first routines of the sequencer software to the Acorn Electron Sequencer page.
  • Added documentation on the User Port/SynDrum interface to the Acorn Electron Sequencer page.
  • Added a new page for a new project - Acorn Electron Sequencer for Electronics & Music Maker Syntom/Synbal/SynClap effects modules.
  • Updated the Raspberry Pi page with the RPi Media Centre being upgraded to Pi4.
  • Added my Electron Plus 1 Slot Riser board and photos with the E2P and User Ports plugged in..
  • Added some simple speed test results across my Acorn 8 Bit machines.
  • Added a link to, a great site with a fantastic histrorical library of Electronics magazines from Wireless World, Practical Electronics, ETI and lots more.
  • More additions to the Project Page are a Ni-CAD Charger (1979) and a elektor 7 watt amplifier (1976).
  • Another addition to the Project Page is my Ultrasonic and IR Remote Control Designs used to control my 1980's videostar 3V30 video cassette recorder.

March 2020

  • Another addition to the Project Page is my Clock/Timer used for timer radio recordings - mid 80's and my Enlarger Timer - 1977.
  • Added my 1980's sequencer design (and my unbuilt 16 bit version) for the Maplin 3800 Synthesiser to the Project Page.
  • I found my sign up letter to Demon Internet so I have updated the very first entry on this page and the index page. The site started in 1995 and not what I previously thought in 1996/7.
  • Added a new page which will have magazine or original projects I've built from 1975 onwards, the first three are the TV Sound Separator, the TMS 1601A Programmable Clock Timer and a Fuzz Box.
  • Added the new E2P Electron Second Proccessor to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Completed the change over from SETI to Einstein@home and consigned the Odroid C1+'s to bygonebytes.
  • Added my Electron Plus 1 Slot riser and test board.
  • Started the SETI/Einstein project changeover for the Odroid and Raspberry Pi's
  • Added a bit about my Marconi Trackerball and the SmallyMouse2 to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Some more thoughts on the User Ports/BBRAM4096 and the interface to the Maplin Synths - just thinking out loud!.
  • Seti@Home has announced that it will be going into hibernation on the 31st March. I have updated the Raspberry Pi and Odroid pages saying how I will re-structure my computers to work on Einstien@Home.

February 2020

  • I made my decision to use the EUP/UPURS as the foundation for the User Ports/BBRAM4096 for my Electron.
  • I started my research for adding a User Port to the Electron.
  • Added a couple of push switches to the BBC Master to select between Sideways ROM (32-16 ROM Board) and the internal Sideways RAM.

January 2020

  • Added the painted case for the RGB TTL Switch pictures to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Upadated the Electron page with a bit more detail on the HD Electron.
  • Added a small nostalgia section to the Acorn Revival Page with a typed in listing from the Sept '88 EU and other games.
  • Updated the Odroid C1+'s used for Seti from the Android OS to Ubuntu 18.04.3..
  • Temporarily removed the Acorn and Sinclair Extra page until I work out what is still relevant or in fact accurate. When revisiting a few ciruits recently I found errors on the diagrams and I suspect there may be others.
  • Added the updated Gerber and Schematic files for the RGB TTL Switch and the BBRAM4096 boards to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Added the repair of my UVIPROM EPROM Programmer to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • More or less completed my Acorn revival, now moving on to using the computers - added a small heading section to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Fixed the interference problem with the five input RGB switch and the green output and completed the backup of my floppy discs - added to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Completed Plus 1 upgrade with AP6, two Battery Backed RAM Modules (up to 64 ROM images can be stored) and R/W switch - added to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • New 6 input TTL RGB Switch - added to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Fault on Green output of my Electron issue 4 - added to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Added my sketches of the AP3/4 disc interface circuit to the Electron page.
  • Added a few comments about letters I'd sent to PRES and Slogger regarding the AP2 ROM, SP64 and Click - added to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • I waited a year to see if my copyright message would automatically update and it did!

December 2019

  • Added the MRB shadow screen and an old rant of a letter I sent to Micro User in 1992 - added to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Completed my Battery Backed RAM modules with building the switches into the Plus 1 Case - added to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Added the front covers of EUG 4 to 8 which were produced on Sloggers Stop Press 64 to the Electron Page.
  • Added my latest find in my loft - another Acorn Electron..but this one has had some circuit modifications.
  • Added some photos of the installation of a Master Ram Board to my Electron on the Acorn revival 2019 page.
  • Added update on the Battery Backed RAM modules to Acorn revival 2019 page.
  • Added a bit about providing Gotek drives to replace the 3 1/2" and 5 1/4" floppy disc drives for the Electron/BBC B/Master to Acorn revival 2019 page.

November 2019

  • Added more proto photos of the ROM128 and BBRAM to the Electron page.
  • Temporarily removed the Schematics and Gerber files for version 2 of the Battery Backed RAM module over concerns about the battery life..smaller battery.
  • Added the Schematics and Gerber files for the Master 32-16 ROM board to the BBC Master and Acorn revival 2019 page.
  • Added the Schematics and Gerber files for version 2 of the Battery Backed RAM module to the Acorn revival 2019 page.
  • Added version 2 of the Battery Backed RAM module to the Acorn revival 2019 page.
  • Finalised the TTL RGB Switch and added the Schematic and Gerber files to the Acorn revival 2019 page.
  • First new prototype of the BBRAM256 module - now BBRAM4096! added to the Acorn revival 2019 page.

October 2019

  • Added more info on the TTL RGB switch to the Acorn revival 2019 page.
  • Added my first pass at updating my BBRAM module for the AP6 to the Acorn revival 2019 page.
  • Added a short story about a chess challenge that happend in the '90s to the Electron page.
  • Joined the Stardot forums and added a link to them on the Acorn pages.
  • Fixed the link to the RPi Drummer script.
  • Added the beginnings of a new 5 to 1 RGB switch to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Added the GOTEK floppy emulator to the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Updated the Amiga and Sinclair pages.
  • Added to the Acorn Revival Page information about adding a second drive to the BBC B+ using an old PC 3 1/2" drive so I can transfer information between the Electron and the BBC Machines.
  • Made changes to the front page. Removed the defunct 8-Bit Software webring and added a link to the 8bs webring webpage. I added a few more picture icons and updated the introduction.
  • More updating of the Electron page around the ROM/RAM modules.
  • Added the first four Electron User Group magazines to the Electron page.
  • Built a second processor for the BBC B+ with my DIL version of the Level Shifter board. Also on the Acorn Revival Page.
  • Bought an AP6 ROM expansion board from Retro Hardware and fitted it to my Electron - on Acorn Revival page.
  • The 32-16 ROM expansion board for the BBC Master has been completed and tested, now running happily in my Master. I have a few of these boards for sale - see BBC Master Page.

September 2019

  • Further updates to the Electron page. This looks like it'll be an ongoing job.
  • Added the Dataman S4 EPROM Programmer to the meters and Softy pages.
  • Added the Raspberry Pi/Tube 6502 Emulator.
  • Completed BBC B+ PSU repair.
  • I updated the Electron page tidying up the words and pictures.
  • I updated the BBC B/B+ page, more pictorial and thus less clicking to see images.
  • Updated the BBC Master page with a remake of my 32-16 ROM board.
  • Updated the Softy EPROM Programmer page and added an ad for the Softy 3.
  • Switched on the BBC B+ and the Electron with varying results.
  • I updated the BBC Master page, more pictorial and thus less clicking to see images.
  • Added some words and pictures about switching on the BBC Master after 10 years!
  • Added my circuit board for the Practical Electronics MIDI interface.
  • Added a video to the Raspberry Pi MIDI page of my first pass at a MIDI Controller Program.
  • Updated the Raspberry Pi MIDI page with my first pass of a Controller Program.

August 2019

  • Added an Acorn Revival page. I'm going to fit a Raspberry Pi 2nd Processor emulator.
  • Added the Midimuso CV-12 built into a module.
  • Added a video of the Raspberry Pi communicating via the MIDI HAT with the Midimuso CV-12.
  • Released the Gerber files for the Modular Synthesiser Sequencer boards.
  • Released the Gerber files for the Raspberry Pi MIDI HAT.
  • Added a short video of the Modular Synthesiser Sequencer with one OSC/Envelope/VCA.
  • The corrected MIDI HAT board arrived so I built and tested one - all OK. Updated both the Modular Synthesiser and Raspberry Pi MIDI pages.
  • New project - Raspberry Pi MIDI HAT along with a simple example program to test a MIDI to CV converter.
  • Added more details of the Raspberry Pi MIDI to Midimuso CV-12 and test program - worked first time! a rare thing..
  • Added links to AB Electronics guides to enabling the serial port for use with programs other than the console and Bluetooth. Required for my Raspberry Pi simulators and MIDI port.
  • Added the Raspberry Pi MIDI Interface board to the Modular Synth page. I'll make it a separate project on the Raspberry Pi page once (if) I get some working software to go with it.
  • Added an extension to the Modular Rack..
  • Added some words on how to use my Maplin 5600s sequencer.

July 2019

  • Added details of the Midi Interface/Controller. Midimuso CV-12 and Raspberry Pi?
  • New Raspberry Pi 4 added.
  • I updated the Modular Synthesiser page and added the information for the clock/sequencer module.
  • Updated the photo of the modular rack - I've added two incomplete modules, ADSR and VCF, just awaiting some components.
  • Added a video of the 5600 build - compiled using most of the photos that were shown in th blog, a group of videos from the build and a couple of the synth making a noise.
  • Finished another module - the VCA and Noise module.
  • Expanded the fuctionality of the sequencer by adding more CV outs.

June 2019

  • Added a 'Hindsight Engineering' section at the end of Maplin 5600 page.
  • Added a couple of photos of the finished Modular Synth Sequencer.
  • Added another video of progress on the Modular Synth Sequencer.
  • Added Sequencer script for Maplin 5600 project.
  • Winding up the Maplin 5600 Synthesiser project. Just some tidying up of the wiring to finish.

May 2019

  • Added a correction to the synth manual for the Keyboard Controller.
  • Updated the Modular Synth page by adding photos of the rack now with the PSU, Mixer, 2xVCO's, Echo and the incomplete Sequencer.
  • I found errors in the manual around the 'Glide' switches and have corrected the wiring details - added photos for clarity.
  • I've been working on the joystick, I thought I'd better get it wired in before starting calibration - added some photos.
  • I've added a photo and two short videos of the Modular Synthesiser Sequencer.
  • I've added some info on the Joystick for the Maplin 5600s Synthesiser including a photo.
  • Added a third short video showing the oscillators, mixer, envelope, filter and low oscillator working.
  • Added a second short video showing the oscillators and mixer working.
  • Added a short video showing the first power on of the Maplin 5600. Just the Keyboard Encoder, Keyboard Controller and the Raspberry Pi sequencer so far.
  • Maplin 5600 - Getting very close to powering up..probaby not to many photo updates to go..
  • I've finished designing a simple sequencer for the modular synth using 4000 series logic, it's away for board manufacture so more on that fact there is a bit more on the Modular Synth page.
  • Maplin 5600 - I've been busy wiring the front panel, I still need to complete the VC Pan, the DC and Mains wiring, and the Raspberry Pi I/O then I'll be ready to switch on!. Updated the panel wiring photo.
  • Maplin 5600 - Finished the power wiring for the boards on the base of the Synth and started working through the wiring schedule. Updated the photos.

April 2019
  • Second module for the Modular Synthesiser built, the VCO Module. Added some photos.
  • First module for the Modular Synthesiser built, the Mixer Module. Added some photos.
  • Progress photos of both the 5600s and Modular Synths being frequently updated.
  • The Reverb and Phase board is fully tested and mounted in the case. The Gerber Files are released and a couple of photos added. This is a bit of a milestone as all the boards are complete, it's just a matter of wiring them all together!!
  • The Voltage Controlled Panning and Ancillary board is fully tested and mounted in the case. The Gerber Files are released and added a couple of photos.
  • The Joy Lever board has been tested and the Gerbers are now available.
  • The Keyboard Controller is fully tested and the Gerber files are now released. Started the power wiring. Added a couple of photos.

March 2019

  • Started testing the Keyboard Controller - the digital side is OK just to test the analogue side.. Added photo.
  • Finished the headphone amplifier which is the last board to be mounted on the panel so added a few photos of that and released the Gerber files. I also did the first fitting of the panel into the case so added a few photos of that too.
  • Added a photo of the Maplin 5600 Synthesiser case whilst being constructed.
  • Added the Modular Synthesiser rack and the first four PCB's - PSU, VCO, Mixer and Echo.
  • Started a new project - a Modular Synthesiser. As I'm building the case for the Maplin 5600 I thought I'd build one for this Synth at the same time.
  • Added a pile of wood! for my Maplin 5600 Synthesiser case.
  • Transient B tested and mounted on the panel. Updated some photos and released the Transient Gerber files and linked in Easyeda.
  • Transient A and Retrigger tested and mounted the on the panel, updated the panel photos and added the Retrigger Gerber Files. This more or less completes the panel mounted boards, just the Headphone board to go. I'll need to get started on the case as this will lead on to fitting the base mounted boards and all the interboard wiring.
  • Added the Potentiometer Breakout Board Gerber files and linked to Easyeda. Added photo of wired Transient A with vintage potentiometers and Retrigger Board.
  • Added part wired Transient/Retrigger boards photo.
  • Finished and mounted the Envelope Generator to the panel - photos added.
  • Added my Test Keyboard, and the potentiometer PCB info to the Maplin 5600s Synthesiser page.
  • Tested the 5600s Envelope Generator, added a photo under test and my findings. Made the board public and added the Gerber files to the site.

February 2019

  • Fitted the 5600s Sample and Hold board to the panel, updated pictures showing front and rear.
  • Added a photo of the Maplin 5600s Sample and Noise board under test and released the Gerber files.
  • Designed the headphone amplifier PCB around the LM380 and added the artworks.
  • Added a photo of the VCF's under test and updated the panel build photos. Released the VCF Gerber files and linked in Easyeda.
  • Added photos of the 5600s Rear Panel drilled and sockets mounted.
  • Added updated photo of the 5600s rear panel along with photos of the front panel with the Patch Sockets, Oscillators, Mixers, VCA's and External Inputs board.
  • Added photo of rear panel.
  • The 5600s Panel drilled and assembly started - added a couple of photos.

January 2019

  • Released the 5600s Binary Encoder to the public and updated the Gerber File zip package.
  • Since I was using my logic probe to test the 5600s Binary Encoder I thought I'd add the ETI 120 project to the Meters page.
  • The replacement front panel for the 5600s synthesiser arrived and labelling nice and sharp - photos added.
  • Add a photo of the Binary Encoder taken during testing.
  • While looking through some old ETI's I came accross a couple of adverts for the Softy EPROM Programmer - so now added.
  • Added ETI (Electronics Today International) project 105 Dual Power Supply pdf on the Old Meters and Test equipment page.
  • Added the red LED strip and the wired external inputs photos for the Maplin 5600s.
  • Added the CAD .svg files for the Maplin 5600 Synthesiser front and rear panels.
  • The Maplin 5600 front panel arrived and has been added along with a mock up showing all the knobs in postion.
  • Started to make some of the PCB's public and added the Gerber files.
  • Finished and added the design for the synthesiser front and rear panels in pdf format. Added a frame to the 7" touchscreen to simplify mounting to the faceplate.
  • Finished the assembly of the Binary Encoder and added photos of both the new and old boards.
  • Put my Desktop Raspberry Pi into an Element14 case with a 120Gb mSATA drive.
  • Updated the copyright message to automatically select the year - one less chore for the beginning of each year!

December 2018

  • Added my Maplin 3800/5600s construction manual.
  • Added updated photo of the VCF boards and new photo of built Joy lever board.
  • Added final screen layout for Sequencer. Also wiring details from Sequencer to Keyboad Controller. Program written for Play/Record Sequencer.
  • Added photos of the assembled Maplin 5600 VCF board and testing of the I/O on the RPi Interface board - level shifting from 14V CMOS to 3.3V and back again.
  • Added photos of the Maplin 5600 External Inputs board and the second VCF.

November 2018

  • I have added and amended a lot of information on the "meters" page including a Wireless World digital frequency meter, a waveform generator and 2018 equivalents of both.
  • I have added the magazine article for the ETI Power supplies.
  • Added progress photos of the Maplin 5600 synth.
  • Updated web pages to make them more bandwidth friendly especially since I've been adding a lot photos for the Maplin 5600 Synth build.
  • Added my Pi 3A+ to both the Pi and Maplin 5600 pages as this will be the basis of the synth sequencer. This version of the Pi was released just at the right time!
  • Updated the increasingly inaccurate menus.
  • The last of the boards for the Maplin 5600 Synthesiser have arrived, the Raspberry Pi Interface, the Binary Encoder, the VCF, the Joystick interface and the External Inputs.
  • Added the Raspberry Pi 3A+ and 7" Touchscreen combination for the synthesiser sequencer.
  • Built, tested and mounted the Maplin 5600 Raspberry Pi Interface on the touchscreen. Finished a first pass of the sequencer software.

October 2018

  • I have updated the Maplin 5600 Synth page with more photos and details of the build including the Transient A/B, Retrigger, Reverb and Phase, Voltage Controlled Pan and Ancillary and the Keyboard Controller LED strip.
  • Added a short video for the Synchronised RPi drum machines and sequencers.
  • Added a short video for the RPi Drummer, from previous videos it is obvious that the sound quality was very poor when recorded with the phone microphone so this time I recordered the sound seperately and dubed it onto the picture - much better.
  • Four more boards have arrived for the Maplin 5600 Synthesiser, Keyboard Controller, Transient/Envelope, Voltage Controlled Amplifier and Sample and Noise. The Mixer is built and ready for testing and the next five boards are in production, Transient A/B, Retrigger, Reverb and Phase, Voltage Controlled Pan and Ancillary and the Keyboard Controller LED strip.
  • The Raspberry Pi interface has been designed. The Mixer board has been fully tested.

September 2018

  • Good progress on the 40 year old Maplin 5600 Synthesiser. Power supply and oscillators built and tested, a further four boards in production and five other board layouts complete.

August 2018

  • Started a new project - building a 40 year old Maplin 5600 Synthesiser!

July 2018

  • Updated a number of pages to bring some photos on to the page instead of having to click a link.

July 2018

  • 24 Channel upgrade for my 9 Channel Mixer!

June 2018

  • Another new project for the Raspberry Pi - an 8 Pad Electronic Drum Kit.

May 2018

  • Some general updates to the Raspberry Pi and Odroid Pages.

April 2018

  • A small upgrade to the sequencer/drum machine refresh scripts improving the usability of the loop control button(s).
  • The Quiz Panel has been upgraded for six contestants using a Pi Zero and a home brew HAT.
  • I have just added a complete set of refreshed sequencer programs, just a cosmetic update to make them look a bit more up to date and a bit less like the standard OS. There are a few limitations within the Pi/Python/Tkinter setup but hopefully not too noticeable.
  • Synchronising the Sequencers and Drum Machines, all the sequencer and drum machine programs re-written so one drum machine program controls the triggering of the other sequencers and drum mamchines.

January 2018

  • My first attempt at programming a sampled sound drum machine for the Raspberry Pi!

December 2017

  • I'm working on a new project - a Drum Machine which will play sampled sounds. I've added a screenshot as an example of how it'll look.

November 2017

  • Added some pictures for my Tektronix test gear and a few of my PSU's. The PSU's are mostly built round the Electronics Today International (ETI) project 111 from January 1973.
  • I have updated the Thermometer 'with display' listing to include logging of events such as the LED display going out of range and if the temperature drops below Zero Degrees.
  • A few months ago I tried booting a Raspberry Pi from an old HD which was successful but with the problem that the HD was too slow at starting up for it to be reliable. I have now swapped that drive for an SSD which works beautifully.

August 2017

  • Moved web/email provider and fixed many links. Some due to my typing and others due to the new provider using Linux - case sensitive! which I suppose is my problem too due to my inconsistancy in naming files.

July 2017

  • Added a small section on the Raspberry Pi page about booting a Pi from a Hard Drive. Removed the page counter as it is no longer supported by my provider.
  • A few minor changes - I added a picture of my BBC B+/Master/Electron setup and couple of pictures of my latest changes to my 10 channel mixer extension - adding a LED VU Meter and a Mute button to each channel.
  • Added a second Raspberry Pi Thermometer listing which adds a window with the current temperature - useful for a quick check via VNC. Updated the 8-bit Acorn webring on the home page.
  • Updated the Raspberry Pi Thermometer code, schematic and photos. Steamlined the code, extended the temperature range by 2 Degrees and flash the LED's at the extremities when it goes out of range.

June 2017

  • New Project - A Raspberry Pi Thermometer for switching fans on and off.

May 2017

  • Finished the Raspberry Pi Quiz control unit and updated the Raspberry Pi page.

February 2017

  • Removed guest book and added contact info on the home page.

January 2017

  • Added some pictures/text on my 10 channel Mixer Extension and rewrote the Raspberry Pi pages. Added Odroid page and added Stag EPROM Programmers to the Meters page.

October 2016

  • Added a rough video for the Drum Trigger/Drum Machine now that all the Syn boards are built and working.

August 2016

  • Added my latest project, the Raspberry Pi Drum Trigger v1.0. Updated the Sequencer for compatibility with the Drum Trigger.

July 2016

  • Major update to the Raspberry Pi Maplin 3800 Sequencer, v3.0

June 2016

  • Added my latest project to the Raspberry Pi page - A Sequencer for the Maplin 3800 Synthesiser. Also updated the Event Logger after some practical experience! and the home page.

April 2016

  • Updated Raspberry Pi Quiz Control Program so that it can be used without a monitor, starts on !boot and a shutdown button so the Pi can be gracefully shutdown before unplugging. Also added team colours.

March 2016

  • Added Raspberry Pi 8/16 Input Data Logger with Python 2.7 scripts, video, schematic and photo.

February 2016

  • Added Raspberry Pi 8 bit TDM system and Quiz Control Panel with Python 2.7 scripts, videos and some photos.

August 2014 - Added Raspberry Pi ScR TDM simulator Python 2,7 scripts and some photos.

May 2014 - Added a light meter and a couple of games machines.

August 2013 - Added another meter, the C1000, at the moment I can only find the instructions but the meter will surface sometime. Also added three oscilloscopes.

March 2013 - Additional information added for my Maplin 3800 Synthesiser Sequencer and Mixing Desk, also added another meter.

February 2013 - Added new pages for my Maplin 3800 Synthesiser and Mixing Desk.

January 2013 - Added Spectrum Service Data to the Spectrum 48K page and the Slogger 1987 catalogue to the electron Page. Fixed a couple of links.

October 2012 - Added RGB TTL cable wiring to Acorn Extras page. As stated in the Feb. 2007 entry I have updated many photos and have re-drawn most of the circuit diagrams publishing them in pdf instead of jpg. Also corrected lots of errors on the diagrams which came about when converting between CAD formats.

July 2012 - Added a page for my Raspberry Pi

April 2011 - A complete re-design of the web site and I also have my old URL back after it has been out in the wilderness for seven years! (another story..)

June 2010 - Temporarily removed the PC section as I wasn't inspired to develope it further, instead I've added a section on my collection of old test equipment.

May 2010 - Added 8 Bit Acorn Webring.

April 2009 - Removed contact email address and replaced it with a Feedback Form.

February 2007 - Having looked at all the changes in content and hosting that has occurred over the past ten years I feel it is time to do a bit of a tidy up. The first items are the URL and site name. My attempt at a bit of humour with the URL seems a bit feeble now so I have corrected the spelling with a new URL The old name 'Online Computer Museum' does not describe the content (probably never has!) so the site from now on will simply be known as 'Bygonebytes'.

There are a few 'features' that no longer work, the hit counter, web ring and the Guest Book has vanished so these will either be fixed or removed.

I have noted that a lot of the pictures aren't up to todays standard, the site was originally build in the time of low bandwidth (14.4K/28.8K modems) so file sizes had to be kept small. Where possible I'll update.

I have also tweeked a few of the text colours.

Added Electron User cover pictures, Instructions for Pace Independent Floppy DD power supply, Marconi Trackerball, Uvipac EPROM Programmer and WE Solderless Sideways Rom Board, Slogger Price list from 1989 and the Z80 Fuction key strip.

Added the Z80 2nd processor software manuals, Fileplan and Memoplan, also some old adverts for BBC Peripherals.

June 2006 - Started to add some PC and Games Machines pages..

January 2005 - Changed the Userport jpg to a pdf, hopefully it will be more readable.

April 2004 - Added the Softy Manual

February 2004 - Added a couple of pictures to the Electron page showing it being used as a Pattern Generator.

February 2004 - A major update! I've added the Amiga 600, ZX Spectrum +2 and some photos of my BBC B. I've also corrected a lot of links that got missed during the domain transfer.

January 2004 - Corrected error in Host Adaptor circuit diagram - Thanks to Daniel G. van der Pol for pointing out my mistakes.

November 2003 - Moved service provider and URL to

January 2003 - Add two pictures of the Aries B32 board - both pictures kindly donated.

September 2002 - Thanks to John Nightingale for colour correcting the PDP8 Photographs.

September 2002 - replaced defunct hit counter.

June 2002 - added photographs of Issue 4 and 6 Electron motherboards in the anex site.

June 2002 - added two new pages, the Amstard CPC464 and the Softy computers. Also added some Amiga pictures.

June 2002 - over the past few months I've tried etching the Host adapter for the Electron HD project and spent some time upgrading the Amiga 1200 in the museum. Details to follow...

September 2001 - added in pictures of the Rombox Plus and ACP's AP5 donated by Dave Moore.

The HD project has been on the back burner for the last couple months, I should get back to it towards the end of October...

June 2001 - added the Slogger Master RAM Board Installation Instructions and User Guide.

June 2001 - Added Electron Crib Card, Electron Insides and QL insides.

June 2001 - Added File Transfer information on NC100 page.

June 2001 - Added National Lottery Selector BASIC program to NC100 page.

June 2001 - Added link to Tim Surtell's Amstrad NC Users site.

May 2001 - Added two new pages, extracts from EUG Magazines Issue 7 G. Babb and Issue 16 D.Walker, both on the construction of Hard Drives for the Electron. c1993/94.

May 2001 - Updated progress on the Hard Disc Project - included 1MHz Bus Circuit Diagram.

Added the Snowmen and other tunes (.ssd file) on the BBC Page.

May 2001 - Updated progress on the Hard Disc Project - included Host Adaptor Circuit Diagram.

April 2001 - Added details on the Jafa Mode 7 MKII Adapter, the Jafa Electron Second Processor (E2P) and Super Electron II project. I corrected some historical facts and added some more pictures.
Added links page and this update page.
Added the 8 Bit Acorn Webring and the Electron Webring to the index page.

Late 2000 - added Site Search Facility, Visit Counter and Guest Book.

1999 - 2000 Mostly left alone while I concentrated on other projects.
Copied lots of BBC documents/manuals to the BBC Documentation Project - see links page

1997 - 1999 Various updates and changes of Hosts until settled on Freenetname ( and NTLworld (

First created in July 1995 with url and titled 'Mort's Abode'. Demon Internet at that time had just over 30,000 users with 24 Point of Presence for local call access. I used an Amiga 1200 with a Zoom 14.4K modem and getting on line was a long wait with around 1250 others dialing in at the same time. Demon Internet pioneered virtual Points of Presence and over time increased the baud rate up to 56K, this removed the waiting time completely.