The Softy EPROM Programmer was the first programmer I used, it has serial I/O and TV interfaces. This Softy came as a kit, although it uses a double sided PCB it didn't have plated through holes so small pins had to be inserted into each through hole connection and soldered.

Future programmers used were from Lloyd Research and Stag (PP39 & PP42) with the Dataman S4 (Softy) being my current programmer.

(Softy EPROM Programmer and the Softy Manual.)
I've replaced the Softy manual with a new higher resolution scan - it's not perfect but it's better than the one it replaces. The original scan can be found here.

There is a new project I'd recommend following over at the Acorn System Computers website which aims to replicate the Softy 1.

Adverts from April 1980, February 1983 ETI magazine and the July 1988 Electronics Wireless World.