I have been processing units on and off for SETI@Home since 1999 and have been on the lookout over the years to find a low cost low power method to do this. When BOINC became available on the Raspberry Pi I tried to use one but soon found that with a single core it would take a couple days to process a single unit. Once the quad core version became available, with four times the throughput it made it practical to use but I wanted to be able process units a bit faster so looking round the small board market I found the Odroid C1+. The C1+ processes one unit in just under 24 hours/processor. I therfore bought four Odroid C1+ and stacked them into a 'SETI tower'. I also kept some Pi's in the mix.

My current BOINC stats are:

When it came to bulding NAS for my network I looked at the Odroid C1+ but found that Hardkernal had brought out a 64 bit version, the C2, and that there were Open Media Vault builds available for both the Odroid and the Pi 3. I therefore built two NAS devices, one for Data and the other for a Backup. As the C2 has Gigabit Ethernet this was used for the data, streaming etc., and the Raspberry Pi 3 with Fast Ethernet for the backup. Open Media Vault makes it easy to backup the data every 12 hours using Rsync.

Odroid C1+.

Odroid C2

Odroid C1+/C2 stack.

Raspberry Pi Stack