I have built up a small collection of test equipment over the years and some items I think have turned out to be 'classics' of their day..
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Fob watch voltmeter, There are no manufacturer markings to identify its origin but I guess it started out in the 1920's. The meter measures 0 to 6V DC.

JT Pocket Meter, c1920-30's. It has a dual scale, 0-12V and 0-120V DC.

Pifco 'All In One' Multimeter, c1920-30's. A true multimeter having five ranges - Lo tension, Hi tension, Milli-amps, Valve and Circuit test.
Box, meter & packaging, the back, the insides, and the instructions.

AVO Multiminor, C1930-1980.
Multiminor with leads, and the insides.

AVO 8 mk V, 1972 - 1989.
AVO 8 in its case and servicing information.

Microtest 80, 1984.

AVO EM272 Multimeter, 1972 - 1979.
The insides, and the instructions.

C1000 Multimeter, c1970.

Fluke 79 Series II, 1991 - 1996.
In its holster.and the instructions.

Evershed & Vignoles Megger, c1943.
More information can be found at Richards Radios

Mastertech M-830B, c2009.

Digitec DT-4000ZB, 2013.

Lomvum T28B, 2020.

Isotech IDM17, c2009.

Philips PM3217 Oscilloscope, c1982.

Philips PM3311 4 Channel Storage Oscilloscope, c1982.

Fluke 196 Scopemeter, c2001.

Metropolitan-Vickers Exposure Meter, c1938-1947.

Stag PP41 EPROM Programmer, c1989.

Stag PP39 EPROM Programmer, This one 1991


Stag PP39 Personality Modules, These modules 1991

Stag EPROM Eraser, c1991

Dataman S4, c2002

Matt Millmans HVEPROM, 2708 and 8748 EPROM Programmers and the TL866II Plus, c2020

Tektronix TM504 module with DM502A-Digital Multimeter,
DC503-100MHz Frequency Counter and a PG501-50MHz Pulse
Generator, c1980

Tektronix TM501 module with PS503A-Triple Power Supply, c1980

One of my own builds, adapted from ETI project 111 Jan 1973 -
0-30V/1.5A Power Supply. This one has added volt/current meters,
volt/current range switches and up to 30V/1.5A range. c1976

ETI111 Power Supply
ETI111 - My workings
ETI105 Dual Power Supply - Although I did not build this PSU it has similarities with ETI111.

One of my own builds, adapted from ETI project 111 Jan 1973 -
0-30V/3A Power Supply. This one has added volt/current meters,
voltage range switch and up to 30V/3A range. c1977

One of my own builds, adapted from ETI project 111 Jan 1973 -
0-30V/2A Power Supply. Built c2005 and added digital volt/current
meters c2014, Range up to 30V/2A.

Bringing my bench PSU's into the 21st century, from top to bottom:
0-30V/2A ETI PSU
5V with USB socket
0 to 50V 2A
+/-5V +/-12V 2A, 3V3, +/-15V 2A,
All c2017
0-45V 3A, c2018

Wireless World 1983 Autoranging Frequency Meter
Another build, from Wireless World 1983 and built shortly thereafter - an
Autoranging Frequency Meter - up to 10Mhz.
The PDF includes the article and my build notes.

Waveform Generator Datasheet
Another build, from the 1979 RS Components datasheet on the ICL8038
waveform generators. This one was built in 2006, I had built one in the
early 80's but I don't where it is now!

Kits from, a waveform generator and a frequency counter

ETI Project 120 Logic Probe - great at glich catching.

ETI120 Logic Probe.

A Kit from, another frequency counter although this time I have built a pre-amplifier to give a much wider input voltage range. The pre-amp just plugs on the back.

Wandel & Golterman SPM-30 Selective Level Meter. c1982