My adventures into owning a BBC B came when someone I new was going to scrap his, so I took it off his hands.

It looked brand new as if it had never been out of it's box. I expanded the BBC B with a ZIF Socket, a Watford Electronics Sideways ROM/RAM Board, I also tried the Aries B32 shadow RAM board and the Aries B20 ROM expansion board.

The BBC B+ I now have started life belonging to my work, I and my collegues persuaded the company that their money would be better spent on the BBC B+ than an IBM XT. It was subsequently upgraded to a BBC B+128 with a 64K RAM expansion board that fitted down the right hand side of the motherboard, a ROM expansion board from Advanced Technology Product Ltd (ATPL) and a ZIF socket. It also had the 6502 and Z80 second processors. Computer Concepts "Inter" series software and a CAD package from Technomatic, Technocad was installed to cover all our needs.. It was a dream to use compared to the IBM offering..

BBC B insides
BBC B insides including ROMs
BBC B OPUS 2791 Disc Interface
BBC B Ports
Watford Sideways ROM/RAM board
Aries B32 Shadow RAM board Picture 1 and Picture 2
BBC B+128
ATPL ROM board
64K B+ RAM expansion board
Acorn 6502 2nd Processor
Acorn Z80 2nd Processor
Watford Electronics 256K Printer Buffer
Microvitec Medium Resolution Monitor
Marconi RB2 Trackerball
Watford Electronics Eprom Eraser

MicroMart Article

The 31st March 1994 issue of MicroMart had an article on Classic Computers, spot lighting the BBC and Electron Computers. There are many companies and User Groups mentioned, some are still around but alas others have disappeared since publication. Here's a copy to read.

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There was a program I always liked for the BBC and that was the Snowmen and their Christmas Carols. I have transfered it to a .ssd file for the Beeb Emulator...enjoy..