2708 EPROM Programmer

While copying the ScR SES programmes using Matt Millmans' 8748 programmer I found I also had a dozen or so 2708 EPROMs to copy.

After the successful build of the 8748 programmer I returned to his website for the Gerbers and component list for his 2708 programmer then sent off for the PCB.

Building the Shield

As usual I started with the lower height components, in this case the diodes.

Then the resistors.

Then the Semiconductors, Capacitors and the Headers. The MC34063EBN was out of stock at Mouser so I used a spare I had left over form the 8748 build in U1 and managed to buy an MC34063ABN from CPC Farnell for U2. Checking the specification, the only difference I could see was the temperature rating but just in case there was something hidden in the detail I mounted that component in a socket.

Lastly the ZIF Socket.

The 2708 uses the same Arduino and Windows software making it straight forward to program the Arduino using the same DOS command line I found worked the 8748 build. Again I used the built in test programs to check for the correct voltages and that the address and data buses all works as expected.

Please see the 8748 Programmer page for setup details.

Starting to create .bin files for the software stored on the 2708 EPROMs.