8748/9 Programmer

I came across a box of old work related circuit boards from the 80/90's in my loft and on thinking what to do with them I came up with the idea of using the old Train Describer display modules as clocks for my loft. It's not a new idea as our TD display modules were used as clocks in both Paisley and Motherwell Power Signal Box's.

This will be another project in a few months but to get started I un-boxed my Stag PP39 to make a copy of the Clock program from my 'master' 8748 microcontroller. The Stag hasn't been used for around seven years and at first it wouldn't read my 8748 device but after a lot of cleaning and cajoling it would read it consistantly.. progress! Next was to try programming a blank device.. the PP39 was having none of it no matter how many blank devices I tried.

So what I need now is a second opinion and that will be in the form of Matt Millman's HVEPROM Project pictured above..I needed an excuse to buy an Arduino :)

This project is one I think I could build so I sent off for an Arduino Mega 2560, ordered what components I didn't have aready and used his 'short' Gerbers to order the PCB. The short Gerbers keep the PCB cost to a minimum.

The Arduino arrived quickly, even before I had the chance to set up the Aduino IDE but that's done now and I have made the LED Blink.. a good start. Now waiting on the components and PCB to arrive.