Circuit Diagrams and Instructions for accessories
for the
Electron, BBC and Master Computers

Electron 1MHz Bus
Electron Battery Backed RAM
Battery Backed RAM +2 installation
Battery Backed RAM +6 installation
Electron Keyboard
Modified Electron Keyboard
Printer Switch
RGB Switch
RGB TTL 6 Pin DIN to DB9 Cable
ROM128 - 8 images in one ROM
ROM128 instructions
ROM128 instructions ROMBOX +
ROM128 instructions BBC B
ROM/RAM256 cartridge
Eprom Programmer Instructions
WE Solderless Sideways ROM board Instructions
Z80 Function Key strip 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Extension Speaker Socket
Electron Shift Lock and Tab Key
Electron User Port

Electron Viewstore Fn Key strip
Electron View/Viewsheet Fn Key Strips
View/Viewsheet Mode7 Fn key Strip
Viewsheet Fn Key Strip
Teletext Fn Key Strip

Master 2x32K ROMs to 4x16K ROMs
32-16 Fitting instructions
Pace independent PSU for Floppy DD
Marconi RBII Trackerball Manual
BBC Z80 Fileplan Manual
BBC Z80 Memoplan Manual

Old adverts for the BBC family of computers and their Peripherals

BBC Master
BBC Master with MS-DOS
ZIF Socket
Epson RX/FX80 Printer

Cub Monitor
Namal Disc Drives
Teac Disc Drives


BBC Master

Sinclair QL

BBC B+128
BBC B+ Sideways ROM Board
BBC B+ conversion to B+128
5.25" Disk Drive
Acorn Z80 Second Processor
Acorn 6502 Second Processor
BBC Eprom Programmer
256K Printer Buffer

Electron with Plus 1
Electron Tape Deck
Electron Joystick Interface
Electron User Magazines
Electron Issue 4 Motherboard
Electron Issue 4 Motherboard
Electron Issue 6 Motherboard
Electron Issue 6 Motherboard

Spectrum 48K
Spectrum 48K with DK keyboard
Spectrum +
Spectrum Joystick and Interface
Kempston Pro Joystick Interface 1
Kempston Pro Joystick Interface 2
Kempston Pro Joystick Interface 3
Spectrum Modem - Prism VTX5000
Spectrum Printer
Spectrum Magazine
Spectrum Programming Books
ZX Spectrum +2
ZX Spectrum +2 insides
ZX Spectrum gun
ZX Spectrum Manual

Amstrad NC100 Notepad