Hobby Hiatus 2022

I am taking a break and everything is being packed away, I'll be back later in the year to complete the following projects:

Using Greaseweazle
Project paused.

The 1MHz Port/IDE interface
This project has only progressed to the point where I will check the circuit diagram before redrawing it.

The Project Expansions Sound cartridge with added sideways RAM and Bluetooth audio
I've been working on this project for a while but it's not ready to publish, I have built on jms2 (Stardot) great work on recreating the Project Expansions sound cartridge by adding two banks of battery backed RAM and a Bluetooth transmitter. I completed the circuit board but I've not had time to tested it..

The Hot Axle Box Detector in-line display - the original prototype found
This was a great find, the display will need to be powered up to see if it still works as it's not been switched on since the early 1980's! I can also recover the original EPROM data and it'll be interesting to see the character set and the differences between this and the one I recreated in July 2021.

Reducing the size of my RPi Pico Fan Switch and redirecting the log file to a network location
This project has been simmering in the background for while, I bought the new display some time ago but with the new WiFi Pico it has brought the project up the list.

Adding a solar panel/battery to power Fan Switch
I'm also thinking I can power the Pico fan switch from a small solar panel/battery.