Signal Box Clocks - Paisley - 1986 & Motherwell - 1994

Our micro-controller Train Describer Display Modules were used as Clocks for Paisley & Motherwell PSB's. We did this by converting one TD display module to a Primary clock by adding a small daughter board with our clock program installed which then transmitted the time to all other secondary clocks every minute. The secondary clocks were just standard TD display modules with larger 2" displays fitted

Motherwell Panel with the clock siting on top.

The circuit diagram of the daughter board complete with errors - the 2006 drawing shows the 8748 D0 and D1 are on the wrong pins, the same for the 1993 drawing but also showing the wrong invertor type. This should be 7404 and not 7407!

The original daughter board artwork - Photo etched in house and LED front panel artworks.

The neutral density filter and a rough sketch of case drilling details.

The Clock listing for the 8748 Micro Controller.

Retirement Clock

As a retirement gift to a colleague who had spent a good part of his career working with Train Describers I built a TD Display Module clock. I only managed to built the clock internals while he finished it of with this brilliant case.