SES Software 1982 - 1992

The software was written by just two members of the Signalling Electronics Section, Gordon Wallace and Alec Paterson, all coded directly in machine code.

Looking through the boxes of EPROM's and micro controllers I think not all the software has survived to this day. I will need to work out some of the labelling to indentify which system they have come from but I can see I have everything from High St.TD, 1983, onwards.

I have transferred all the programs from the 8748/9 micro controllers, the 2716 and 2708 EPROMs to .bin files. The 8748/9 .bin files are all the programmes for our Control, ASAD and Line Routing Cards used in our various TDM, TD and Protocol Converter systems, the 2716 .bin files are for the Mostek Z80 Processor boards used in the our TD's, Protocol Converters and ATR systems and the 2708 .bin files are for High Street TD.

The zip file contains all the .bin files and most of the listings for the software. The .bin files can be read on any hex editor and the .LST files in any text editor.

Many of the .LST files were originally written in Wordstar or Multimate word processors and converted to plain text files.

ScR Systems Section software and listings.

The zip file also contains an image of the Mostek MK34000 Monitor ROM, DDT-80.

The Mostek Z80 board is supplied with two small ROMs used to configure the ROM/RAM pages. The N82S126AN and the N82S23AN contain a small amount of code in each which is well documented in the manual, from this I have re-created the .bin files and added them into the Software archive above.

My workings and the listing for each ROM.