The Amiga came along at a time when I felt I had done everything I wanted to do with the Acorn range of machines, the Electron User group was being taken over by someone else and Commodore had gone bust. The machine was going for a song...

The Amiga 1200 had a multitasking operating system similar to Acorn Archimedes range of machines. It also offered new challenges such as Internet access.
Upgrades for this machine include a Blizzard 020 accelerator with 4Mb of RAM which was eventually replaced by a Blizzard 030 with 8Mb of RAM and the Archos/Zappo PCMCIA CD ROM drive with CD32 emulation.

Unfortunately this machine soon bite the dust, it just didn't have the oomph required for the 'net. with a decent screen resolution you were limited to 256 colours and a modem speed of 14.4K. So I'm afraid to say it gave way to a 486 by myself from individual components.
This Amiga 1200 has the Analogic 030 40MHz accelerator with 64Mb of RAM and Internet ready.

I can't resist this since it's a Commodore - my scientific calculator - the SR1800 circa 1976.