Amiga 1200
The Amiga came along at a time when I was tiring of the Acorn machines, the running of the Electron User group was being passed on to someone else and Commodore had gone bust and I was offered the Amiga 1200 for price I could refuse.

The Amiga 1200 had a multitasking operating system similar to Acorn Archimedes range of machines. It also offered new challenges such as Internet access, this is when I joined Demon Internet and started up 'Morts Abode' later to become the 'Online-Museumn' of old computers. To get online I used a Zoom 14.4K modem later.
I bought a few pieces of software for the 1200, Wordsworth, Magic User Interface (MUI) and few other bits and pieces. I upgraded this machine with a Blizzard 020 accelerator complete with 4Mb of RAM and while later a Blizzard 030 with 8Mb of RAM. The Archos/Zappo PCMCIA CD ROM drive with CD32 emulation was also added but never really used. A new serial port was added and I added a 5.25" hard drive! To add the hard hard drive I had to cut away a large part of the shielding.

It didn't take long to outgrow the 1200, it just didn't have the oomph required for the 'net. There was always a bit of a trade off, to get a decent screen resolution you were limited to 256 colours and a modem speed of 14.4K. So I'm afraid to say it gave way to a 486 PC...The Amiga 1200 below is not the one I expanded, that was sold to fund the PC build. All that I was left with was the PSU I used which was a recovered Elonex PC PSU, the original didn't have the oomph required for all the add-on I put in the machine.

This Amiga 1200 has the Analogic 030 40MHz accelerator with 64Mb of RAM and Internet ready.

Inside and around the 1200:

Amiga 600
The Amiga 600 was a donation to the musemn, I think around the time I received these Commodore machines a lot of gamers were moving onto PCs as gaming graphics was improving and leaving the Amigas behind.

The Amiga 600 along with the A520 Video/RF generator.

Amiga 500 Plus

The Amiga 500 Plus was another donation to the museumn.

Amiga 500
The Amiga 500 Plus was another donation to the museumn. The first photo was taken about 25 years ago showing that the plastic discolouration takes place even when the computers are stored in boxes.

The VIC 20's were also a donation. On the outside one looks in really untidy the other looks pretty good for its age. Inside though they're both look in good condition.

VIC 20 No.2 to follow..

Commodore SR1800
I can't resist this since it's a Commodore - my scientific calculator - the SR1800 circa 1976.